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From: Sean Davey (
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 12:13:03 -0800 (PST)

for many years I've been working on an internal website for Sonora Cohousing in 
Tucson, AZ. I've long wanted to find a way to offer similar sites to other 
communities. I'm writing to see if there is interest out there in other 
communities. Here is a partial list of the features of our site:
        - password protected accounts
        - contact list for community members
        - multiple calendars with reminders and sign up (e.g. community 
calendar, meal calendar, guest room calendar, team calendars)
        - group pages for committees/teams, easy joining/leaving of groups, 
membership list, documents
        - photo gallery
        - meeting planner
        - archived minutes, community decisions and values
        - content management (documents with online editing, download files, 
links to websites, etc.)
        - simple accounting system for HOA dues, common meals, guest room 
usage, annual budgeting, etc.
        - email lists for whole community and groups/teams
        - shared lists (e.g. lost and found, recommendations, recipes, movies)
        - online surveys
        - private household pages for contacts, notes, recipes, todo list
        - comments and online discussions
        - companion site for sharing photos, recipes, messages, etc. with 
friends and family outside the community
        - customize the look and feel however you want
        - host your community's public site as well
        - possibility of custom code to meet your community's needs

There is no cost associated with this offer. If you'd like more information, 
please go to
or email me at sean [at]

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