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It would be really hard to beat Drupal's functionally.  It can do everything 
the mosaic project does and much more.  Among the possibilities are an 
accounting system that would automatically provide individual or team accounts; 
receipts; invoices; payment tracking; balances; submission of reimbursement 
requests; monthly & annual reports for individual, groups or the entire 
community; allow secure online payments if wanted and could be securely managed 
online by a team responsible for the financial management.

Drupal is designed to be very secure.  The White House successfully uses Drupal 
for their website development and they are a constant target for hackers. No 
one has broken in yet. 

Drupal is also extremely well documented with thousands of online tutorials & 
resources so anyone can join in the development if they want too. Technical as 
well as non-technical users could participate and create really amazing 
functionally without needing programming skills. It allows for collaboration in 
the creation and management of the community's website. 


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I'm not a savvy computer person, but my impression is that if a  
community wants basic stuff, what Tracey is offering is fine.
Sean's program allows a great level of customization/flexibilty, which  
the overwhelming majority of people in our community (Sonora
Cohousing) have enjoyed and feel is beneficial.
So, if a given community wants the extra level of features offered by  
a program such a Sean's (and has some geeky person/s
wishing to engage in running such a program if they want it done  
within their community, then apparently the opportunity is there,
since Sean is ready to share it.


On Jan 3, 2011, at 7:26 PM, Hummel, Tracey S - (thummel) wrote:

> Shelia,
> Sorry for the confusion. The public portion of the Sonora Cohousing  
> website is done using Drupal: Sean is  
> referring to the internal portion that is not visible outside the  
> community. I believe it is entirely hand-coded.
> The Drupal community is world-wide and goes by a philosophy similar  
> to cohousing.... inclusion, cooperation, and working collaboratively  
> for the benefit of the entire community. The Drupal community is  
> amazing.
> What is really great about Drupal is that you can create a website  
> (without content) and then clone it within minutes to get another  
> fully-functional website up and running really, really quickly...  
> just add content & users. The 'clones' are fully customizable &  
> expandable and the administration of the site can be turned over to  
> a community member who does not need a ton of technical skill to  
> maintain the site. This is what I do for the Community-website  
> project:
> I'm happy to share with other Drupal developers or would love for  
> more people to work with me on this project.  I've gotten input and  
> support from several communities but it is always helpful to have  
> more.
> Thanks,
> Tracey
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> Sean, your offer is most generous.  Those are extensive features and  
> the
> Sonora site looks wonderful. I'm a graphic designer myself and while  
> I work
> a lot in WordPress someone else in our forming group is a Drupal  
> expert. So
> our site is setup with similar features to yours, using the Drupal
> OpenSource platform (I designed the logo and site). We're a newly  
> forming
> group:
> I looked at your link and read about Mosaic. I am unfamiliar with  
> it. For me
> it raises a bit of a concern as it looks proprietary (meaning custom  
> and
> unique to you). Please correct me if I'm wrong. I just feel that  
> it's best
> for communities to work with tools that are in wide use so that they  
> do not
> become dependant on any sole provider. I know that both WordPress  
> and Drupal
> are such trusted platforms that in very wide use.
> To that end I offer another resource for communities in need. I've  
> come
> across this site in my web travels. They offer very low cost sites  
> based in
> Drupal. Here's their link: I am in no  
> way
> affiliated.
> Happy New Year.
> Sheila
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