Re: Security policies and security infrastructure for parking lots or entire sites
From: Kay Argyle (
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 17:26:17 -0800 (PST)
We also have periodic strings of car break-ins -- milder than Kristin
describes, thank goodness. Ours are usually limited to two or three cars
every few months (usually when we have a new resident, and thus a new car
for the thieves to search. Welcome to the community!). 

The carports have lights on all night, but we added motion-triggered

Visibility (as in line of sight, not lighting) and access almost certainly
play a role. The east driveway goes between two houses (not part of the
community) into the middle of the block, then curves; the lot is out of
sight from the road. The west lot is close to the road, and easily seen. In
addition, because of the placement of the carports, a thief would think he
had more privacy in the west lot (visibility from the units is actually
about equal). The cars in the west lot get hit a lot more frequently than
the cars in the east lot.

Both of my household's cars have car alarms (with a blinky blue light on the
dash when armed). Neither has ever been broken into. Despite that evidence
of an alarm's effectiveness, no one else has gotten one. I'm not fond of the
alarms -- particularly in freezing weather when a weak battery in the remote
won't de-arm the alarm so I can go home (tucking the remote inside my shirt
to warm finally gave it enough juice). On the other hand, I can't imagine
that replacing car windows repeatedly is less hassle (scratches head).

Wasatch Commons


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