Re: Communication Voluntary Sharing Alternatives Re: Call for Presenters to the 2011 National Cohousing Conference (Deadline: Jan 28, 2011)
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 14:34:52 -0800 (PST)
Hi all,

Below are some thoughts relative to Wayne's request and some possible
insights on the National Cohousing Conferences which the Cohousing
Association of the United States presents as a core way to serve its

On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 6:46 PM, Wayne Tyson <landrest [at]> wrote:

> Honorable Forum:
> As one who does not (yet) live in a cohousing environment, but who has long
> been interested in the subject of how best to live harmoniously, I do "have
> ideas" but my main reason for joining this listserv has been to learn.

Wayne, this is a wonderful stance that many could learn from. Many who
approach communities do so with the belief that they are there primarily to

> I would be
> interested in knowing about alternatives to the "absolute best place to
> reach the entire cohousing world in one fell swoop."

There are so many alternatives its hard to know where to begin with this.
Coho/US - my employer and the primary focus of my work life for the last few
years offers many alternatives and we do what we can to make these
accessible on the cohousing website.

The Resources Center:

is one good entry point. That page attempts to cluster what we offer based
on who you are/what you need. It lists many alternatives to large events,
including books, regional groups, magazine articles, professionals
directory, communities directory, classified ads, etc.

For me, the best possible entry point are the built communities themselves.
Every one of them is a living, learning laboratory. Most welcome guests -
see the directory - and people can talk directly with people who have chosen
a life lived in cohousing.

Large national conferences are certainly NOT the best thing for everybody.
Only a few hundred people ever attend our national conferences. What's
important is that among these few hundred are many of the most active
contributors, the thought leaders who are walking their talk - and willing
to bear the costs and challenges of showing up.

It is the ongoing dialog of the people who show up which is the most
critical to our movement. This dialog is far easier if you have some basis
for knowing each other and meeting face-to-face provides one such basis.

Its only because some of us are willing and able to participate that the
conversation remains fresh, that common visions can be sustained. The
relationships we form and nurture make new things possible.

> I'd also be interested
> in less swooping alternatives.

I had, until now, sort of hoped that this
> listserv would be, if not the best way, a good way to gain a good
> understanding of the dimensions and diversity of approaches to working out
> the best way of living frugally in freedom and responsibility without
> impoverishment.

I hope that those interested will provide some feedback that will further
> educate me about the opportunities and limitations for social integration
> and community cohesion through cohousing. I am also eager to be convinced
> of
> the errors in my thinking.
>  I wonder if specifically focusing on Cohousing might be an error?

Cohousing is often associated closely with developing real estate. While the
cohousing variety of real estate development certainly intersects with
"simple living," there are many other simple living forums and resources
that might be more specific to your interests.

In addition, there are other forms of community living which are less
capital intense. Perhaps your interests would be better served by shared
housing or ecovillages? You might explore what's offered by our good friends
at the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) on their superb website:

Warm regards,


> Heads up: Jan 28 is the deadline for submitting an application to
> present at the 2011 Natl Coho Conference.
> I understand from the program team that there are some excellent
> submissions, is yours already among them?
> Craig
> ---------------------------
> The link.
> The 2011 National Cohousing Conference (NCC) will be held June 17-19th
> in Washington DC. We are in need of speakers, presenters, panel
> members and workshop makers extraordinaire to share their expertise
> and knowledge during this exciting event. We need you!

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