did you write to me about being a ...Presenter to the 2011 National Cohousing Conference
From: Liz Ryan Cole (lizryancolemac.com)
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 17:41:25 -0800 (PST)
Hello.  Some good person (I remember a female voice) talked to me about the 
2011 National Conference.  I knew I had a conflict and could not attend.  
HOWEVER, my conflict has disappeared and now I am embarrassed not to be able to 
remember who called me.  So I am throwing caution to the winds and saying...if 
you contacted me please be so kind as to get in touch again.  thanks.  :)  


On Jan 9, 2011, at 2:14 PM, Craig Ragland wrote:

> Heads up: Jan 28 is the deadline for submitting an application to
> present at the 2011 Natl Coho Conference.
> I understand from the program team that there are some excellent
> submissions, is yours already among them?
> Craig
> ---------------------------
> The link.  http://conference.cohousing.org/2011/callforpresenters
> The 2011 National Cohousing Conference (NCC) will be held June 17-19th
> in Washington DC. We are in need of speakers, presenters, panel
> members and workshop makers extraordinaire to share their expertise
> and knowledge during this exciting event. We need you!
> As the absolute best place to reach the entire cohousing world in one
> fell swoop, there will also be unique opportunities by holding this
> event in Washington DC, to show how cohousing is relevant, resilient
> and a path forward. In fact, that is exactly how we are structuring
> the conference to help all this information come together holistically
> for the people and groups that make up the cohousing constellation.
> Friday will be focused on the ways that cohousing is relevant to an
> individual, family, community and to our society at large. Saturday
> will be focused on building skills for a resilient and joyous future;
> looking deeply into issues that are basic to creating, maintaining or
> understanding cohousing - and applying them to the real world. On
> Sunday we will be looking for the conference goers to help build a
> path forward and to steer the future of cohousing itself. Pretty
> exciting stuff.
> We have developed this conference with a close focus on the
> constituent groups involved. While we have organized them into five
> ‘tracks’ we all know that no one person or community ever falls solely
> into one track and that any given presentation could appeal to a wide
> range of interests, so these are provided mostly as guidance as to who
> we feel is being served by this event.
> Living in Community: Existing Cohousing Communities
> Forming Communities: Individuals and groups in progress or new to the
> concepts involved
> Supporting Communities: Public and Government agencies, policy makers
> Building Community: Professionals and thought leaders in the cohousing
> and parallel progressive movements
> Understanding Community: Media, Researchers and Academics
> Please review the themes and tracks suggested for the 2011 NCC to
> determine how best to contribute your time and energy to this effort.
> Suggested topics and the information that will be required for
> submission can be found by clicking here
> Additionally, if you believe you have an outstanding topic for
> presentation that we have not listed, we will review all submissions
> for possible incorporation. We are trying to avoid duplicate or
> similar presentations, which will be screened during the review
> process after the submission deadline.
> The "Call for Speakers" will be reviewed through an online database
> that allows potential speakers to provide submissions electronically.
> Please use the link below to send your submission to become a speaker
> at the 2011 NCC. Your participation is encouraged and appreciated! You
> don't have to submit your actual presentation at this time, just
> provide the electronic submission with the information outlined on the
> link above.
> Go to EasyChair to start your submission to participate as a speaker
> at the 2011 Conference. Submissions must be received by January 28,
> 2011. Again, your presentation topic and summary are required by this
> date, not the full written paper and/or PowerPoint presentation.
> For more information about the 2011 National Cohousing Conference,
> please click here.
> Before, after or during submissions, if you have any questions, please
> use the EasyChair system. In dire circumstances you can contact
> program [at] cohous.org.
> We sincerely and meaningfully appreciate that we can not do this
> without you and look forward to seeing the creative thinking that we
> have all come to expect in the cohousing community.
> Jack Wilbern, Program Committee
> on behalf of
> The Cohousing Association of the United States Board and the 2011
> Cohousing Conference Committee
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