Sharing Alternatives Re: Call for Presenters to the 2011 National Cohousing Conference (Deadline: Jan 28, 2011)
From: Melanie Mindlin (
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 10:43:18 -0800 (PST)
Hi Wayne and all,

I don't often write on CohoL, even as I enjoy all of your fascinating contributions. The national cohousing conference may not be everyone's cup of hot beverage of choice, but for presenters it's really not an exaggeration to say that presenting at the conference is probably the best place to reach the cohousing community. A large number of attendees share knowledge gained at the conference with their communities back home, and a large number of communities pool resources to send a member to the conference for this purpose. In addition, videos and documents from the presentations are shared with the wider community afterwards through Coho/US.

I have attended 3 conferences, two during the forming stage of our community and one since. While creating our community, the information garnered at the conference was invaluable to our process. Another member of our community members attended a conference and brought back information I found extremely helpful after we'd been living in our community for a couple of years. Plus it's just plain fun to be around all those people who share the passion for community.

Not all activities are perfect for all people, and we must forgive the occasional use of hyperbole from our friends and compatriots. The cohousing movement does not pretend to be the final word on living frugally in freedom and responsibility without impoverishment. This is a question which our whole society must address if we are to move into the resource limited future with joy, creativity and civil rights. In my experience, there is no better place to learn the essential skills of caring and communicating with a community of people in common purpose.

Melanie Mindlin

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Jan 28, 2011)
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Honorable Forum:

As one who does not (yet) live in a cohousing environment, but who has long been interested in the subject of how best to live harmoniously, I do "have ideas" but my main reason for joining this listserv has been to learn. I will not be able to attend this conference for a number of reasons. However, I must be completely honest and reveal that I probably would not attend even if those reasons did not exist. I have no way of knowing how small "my"
minority is, but speaking only for this minority of one, I would be
interested in knowing about alternatives to the "absolute best place to reach the entire cohousing world in one fell swoop." I'd also be interested in less swooping alternatives. I had, until now, sort of hoped that this
listserv would be, if not the best way, a good way to gain a good
understanding of the dimensions and diversity of approaches to working out
the best way of living frugally in freedom and responsibility without
impoverishment. I have, in fact, enjoyed the generosity of many
participating in this forum in answering my questions from time to time.

I hope that those interested will provide some feedback that will further educate me about the opportunities and limitations for social integration and community cohesion through cohousing. I am also eager to be convinced of
the errors in my thinking.

I do not mean to be critical of conferences; I'm sure that there is great value in them and have nothing "against" them; they're just not for me. My tendency to avoid them is probably rooted in having overdosed on them in the

I remain grateful to all that I am allowed to participate as an outsider.


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