Request for community members and/or info re: Long Island housing
From: Kimberly Wilder (
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 09:12:52 -0800 (PST)
Hello, Cohousing List-Mates,

 is a unique request for information and networking about a housing 
situation. We are probably not seeking traditional cohousing, but are 
interested in principles of community and proximity, applied in a 
suburban setting.

 are (husband and wife team) Ian and Kimberly Wilder. We are
 poets, environmentalists, and peace activists who enjoy the music 
community and social justice community. One of us is a vegetarian, and 
one of us has vegetarian sympathies. Part of our intention is to live 
among people who will not use poisons 
on their lawns, and who can lobby the local government to skip spraying 
for their neighborhood.

 are looking for housing in Long Island, New York, where we are from. We
 are thinking of living in the areas of South Huntington, Huntington 
Station, Riverhead, or Flanders due to land cost and non-proximity to 
environmental disasters. Though, we are open to other areas.

 considered cohousing, and that could still be an option. Though, we 
were brought up very suburban, have been living close quarters in 
apartments for many years, and have a desire for some land. So, we are 
hoping for something like a suburban vision of
 cohousing, maybe 2 or 3 families purchasing homes on the same block.

 would love information about lists or list-serves that match this 
vision. Or, if there are any folks on this list for whom this vision 
sounds appealing, please contact us. 

We are open to different ideas 
about how to create community in the overlay of existing housing 
patterns on Long Island. This is an especially good time for a project 
like this, since housing prices are falling. A house that was $350,000. a
 few years ago, is now likely to be $250,000. 

Any help or direction would be
 greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact us, or give our contact information to interested 

Kimberly and Ian Wilder (631) 422-4702
Ian's e-mail: wmblake7 [at]

Ian and Kimberly Wilder
North Babylon, Long Island, New York

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