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Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 21:00:10 -0800 (PST)
Great idea!  Would just modify it a little: the national organization would
be there to support local efforts (sort of like LISC or the Enterprise
Foundation) so that the housing would be locally owned but the technical
support for organizatonal development would come from the national
organization (including peer matching), the advocacy from the national and
state/regional branches, and the funding from a mix of national, state and
local businesses, government, and foundations.  This approach would evolve
to match the different functions with the most appropriate, responsive,
effective, and efficient level.

I am very interested in this and would be delighted to be a part of the


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I've always thought that some interested people on this list could get
together and start a non-profit organization to own and lease cohousing
rental/low-income rental units throughout the country.  The idea would be
that a cohousing-friendly owner with capacity and scale can help make
mixed-tenure and mixed-income cohousing more achieveable.

If anybody is interested in looking at this email me at the address below
and let's see what happens.

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On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 9:41 AM, Sharon Villines
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> On 3 Feb 2011, at 10:43 AM, Naomi Anderegg wrote:
> >  I've thought
> > about buying a small apartment building to convert into all-rental 
> > or rent-to-own-condo-style cohousing & am wondering, quite frankly, 
> > if it
> would be
> > a good investment.
> I was surprised a the conference last year how many people were there 
> who were looking for cohousing communities - not just people who were 
> connected and in development, I expected those - but people who had no 
> connections at all and were relatively open geographically. On the 
> tours they formed groups to compare notes on all the communities they 
> had seen.
> I met a woman on one bus who had joined 3 groups only to have some 
> problem at the last minute and ending up with no group. Either she 
> moved across country for work or they disbanded. She was currently 
> participating in a group just to have a group but didn't want to live 
> where they were building. She was very discouraged about cohousing 
> because she couldn't face getting emotionally connected again and 
> being left behind.
> On the tour we saw Nomad Cohousing which has 11 units and shares a 
> commonhouse with a local theater group. She just walked into the 
> courtyard and had an idea - "I'll buy a small apartment complex and 
> start renting to the people I want to rent to. In a short time, I will 
> have cohousing. It's no fail!"
> Of course, she had the money to do this, which not all of us have. And 
> in California, there seem to be many complexes of small stucco houses 
> or an apartment building around a courtyard that opens onto the 
> street. Perfect set up.
> When I got back to the conference building, I met a man who had been 
> looking at cohousing only because his building had gone up for sale 
> and he was going to have to move. He really didn't want to move. He 
> had lived there for years and it was his community. Now it was going 
> to be broken up. At the conference, he realized he didn't have to move 
> or lose his community. He was talking to developers about how to 
> finance purchasing the building himself and keep the community 
> together.
> (I don't have their names - conference-itis. You don't write down 
> names because the people are so real you think you will never forget 
> them or you write them down with no notes so you end up with a 
> meaningless list of which one was that?)
> Sharon
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> Sharon Villines
> Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC
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