Re: rental cohousing?
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 08:26:51 -0800 (PST)
On 6 Feb 2011, at 12:00 AM, Richart Keller wrote:

> Great idea!  Would just modify it a little: the national organization would
> be there to support local efforts (sort of like LISC or the Enterprise
> Foundation) so that the housing would be locally owned but the technical
> support for organizatonal development would come from the national
> organization (including peer matching), the advocacy from the national and
> state/regional branches, and the funding from a mix of national, state and
> local businesses, government, and foundations.  This approach would evolve
> to match the different functions with the most appropriate, responsive,
> effective, and efficient level.

I'm not sure I understand or even want to understand the technical terminology 
above, but I think ownership by the HOA is essential to ensuring that they take 
appropriately responsible actions in respect to the unit. It is too easy for 
people to shrug and say what can we do? They own it. It's out of our hands.

On the other hand, not all communities include experts at locating available 
resources for supporting rental units.

And there is the issue of increasing limitations of conventional bank financing 
which uses rented units in condominiums as an indication of stress. If the HOA 
owns the units and rents them purposefully, the banks should be satisfied that 
this is a different situation. No absentee owners.

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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