Re: Skills audit - any ideas for what we should be asking?
From: Naomi Anderegg (
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 01:49:09 -0800 (PST)
Hi Peter,

Are you following a new or retrofit model? I was thinking that with a block 
retrofit, you might want to know who knows about plumbing or whatnot  as 
everyone would be separately fixing up their homes, but could  probably use a 
little advice/bartering from other community members.  (And there's really no 
point in 4 people separately researching green  insulation or grey-water 
when they could be sharing that  information.) Also, I was thinking that you 
might want to do an  interests / skills model for your survey. Because interest 
in a subject may very well be  a better predictor of later achievement in an 
area than previous experience.  (Pairing up someone with high 
interest/motivation and someone with lots  of previous experience to head up 
community garden or manage the  common house kitchen or whatnot together might 
not be a bad idea--thoughts on  this?) 


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Subject: [C-L]_ Skills audit - any ideas for what we should be asking?

Hi there,

We are going to do an online survey of our members to find out what 
skills they have and also what skills they would like to learn.

I wondered if any other cohousing groups had ready-made lists of skills 
that we could use to ask our members?

With thanks,

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