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I'm researching joint car-sharing-ownership in our (quasi-rural) western
Massachusetts cohousing community of 32 households, plus renters, plus 5 or
6 associate members living within walking distance.

Zipcar exists here in town, but 4 miles away at Amherst College.

After perusing the cohousing-L archives on car sharing, last thread one year
ago, I'd like to hear if any ideas are currently percolating.

I'm interested in this post (from Feb 2010) from Audrey for solving the
insurance question:
... At Winslow Cohousing we solved that [insurance] by separating the car
sharing from the community. There is an LLC that owns an electric car and
soon will also own a pickup truck. the LLC has insurance which isn't that
unreasonable (people below a certain age and above a certain age, I think
70, have to pay more) Individuals join the LLC (buy-in), and then share
expenses for the car/truck....There is talk about sharing other cars as
well, to reduce the entire net ownership of cars in the community...

Seems as if the number of cars co-owned depends on the number of people in
the car club-corporation.

What are your agreements and management systems re membership, cost,

Your thoughts and ideas?

Gracie, from Cherry Hill Cohousing

Karen Gracie Kowles
Secretary, NEASI

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