Re: Car Sharing
From: Michael Barrett (
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 14:06:23 -0800 (PST)
I would be interested to learn more details of Winslow's success. Our experience has been that a number of insurance companies would not respond to requests for quotes for a vehicle with multiple ownership. Anecdotally, quotes for an LLC owned vehicle were "sky high" and forming an LLC (here in Virginia) costs $100 and involves a lot of paper work. Then the LLC has to file at least income tax returns every year, both State and Federal . . . . . Arrrgh ! ! - it was all too much!

Michael Barrett
Shadowlake Village, Blacksburg VA - where the (donated) pool table we have in our recent finished Common House basement game room is proving so popular we are considering putting in a second (also donated) table. Life is good!

Karen Gracie<karen [at]    wrote

I'm interested in this post (from Feb 2010) from Audrey for solving the
insurance question:
... At Winslow Cohousing we solved that [insurance] by separating the car
sharing from the community. There is an LLC that owns an electric car and
soon will also own a pickup truck. the LLC has insurance which isn't that
unreasonable (people below a certain age and above a certain age, I think
70, have to pay more) Individuals join the LLC (buy-in), and then share
expenses for the car/truck....There is talk about sharing other cars as
well, to reduce the entire net ownership of cars in the community...

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