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A couple of weeks ago I sent an email to this list to see if anyone was
interested in discussing the possibility of starting a national non-profit
organization (or perhaps a few regional non-profits) to own cohousing rental
units.  The idea again would be to create a cohousing-friendly corporate
owner with capacity and scale that can help make mixed-tenure and
mixed-income cohousing more achievable.  I imagine it could apply for grant
funding from foundations and also develop relationships with community
development financial institutions to set up financing to purchase or
develop units.  The organization(s) could maybe even dialogue and partner
with other housing organizations and housing agencies.  Since the ethos of
such an organization would be based in cohousing, it would be able to work
with cohousing communities to keep and further the vision of each community,
even as an owner of rental units.

I got responses from few people from my earlier email, but if anyone else is
interested let me know as I plan to set up a conference call for this
discussion in the next few days.


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On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 11:03 AM, Zev Paiss <zpaiss [at]> wrote:

> Friends,
> Just curious to know if Grace's suggestion that all of us who are
> interested in Rental Cohousing join their committee has finished this
> discussion? What we need is strong leadership to help adapt the
> American cohousing model to address this pressing issue.  I am
> concerned that with the constraints on home construction and purchase
> for most people, cohousing will not have a very robust future.
> Zev
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