Colorado HOA Registration--March 1 deadline
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Hi all,

We received the info below from our attorney.  Thought we should pass it
on to others in CO.  I've sent to some of our communities but want to
spread the word to all the cohousing communities in CO.


Tere Mann
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The Colorado Legislature passed a bill last year that requires all CCIOA
HOAs to register with the Division of Real Estate.  There is a deadline
of March 1, 2011 for registration.  After that date, there are
penalties.  For example, if HOAs fail to register, they may be prevented
from filing or enforcing liens to collect assessments and prevented from
enforcing covenants.  The goal of registration is to track how many HOAs
exist in Colorado and how many homes are part of HOAs.

Our recommendation is that every HOA register before March 1st, or as
soon as possible thereafter.   A link to the registration page is below:

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