Telecourse: Sociocratic Meeting Facilitation & Group Decision-Making begins March 7
From: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 15:08:54 -0800 (PST)
Dear Cohousing friends,

I will be teaching a 6 session telecourse on meeting facilitation and group
decision-making using the sociocratic approach beginning March 7. I view
sociocracy as the most effective and efficient method of consensus decision
making I have experienced. I've taught consensus off and on for more than 30
years and lived in cohousing for more than16 years.

Many a cohousing community has struggled with consensus decision-making. I
find sociocracy to be an effective and efficient method for running meetings
and organizations, and for making decisions where everyone has a voice. I
like sociocracy (or as it is otherwise known, dynamic self-governance)
because it embodies the principles of power with and power within. And the
methods of Sociocracy can be applied beyond cohousing -  in family circles,
in community-based organizations, and in for-profit and non-profit

I'd like to contribute to the growth of sociocracy in cohousing. This course
is 6 Mondays by phone. No previous experience with sococracy is required. It
is being offered through the NVC Academy. NVC as in Nonviolent
Communication. Some familiarity with NVC is useful for the course, so if you
are interested in the course I'd be happy to share with you an overview of

Sociocratic Meeting Facilitation: For All the Meetings in Your Life
with CNVC Certified Trainer and Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community member
Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, Certified Dynamic Governance Consultant John
Buck, andGreg Rouillard of the Nyland Cohousing Community

This highly-experiential course meets for 6 Mondays from 8-10 pm EST/EDT
(5-7 pm PST/PDT) from March 7 to April 11.

For more information and registration, go to

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
Pioneer Valley Cohousing (MA)
Both And Consulting
Dynamic Governance/Sociocracy
Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication
New England NVC

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