Santa Rosa Creek Commons - coho?
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Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 13:19:15 -0800 (PST)
I sent by mistake a message with one line:

> Park Acacia, Santa Rosa, CA (33 homes)

That was a message I was not ready to send, sorry.
Below is the completed message...

In the 26 Feb 2011 message "Subsidized Low income units"
Harriet Lewis wrote:
> For 30 years Santa Rosa Creek Commons, a limited equity
> cooperative, has...

I got to wondering about "SRCC" - their coop structure sounds attractive.

30 years is well before the term "cohousing" came to the US and
the web pages about SRCC I read seemed to indicate that they don't
call themselves cohousing but they seem closely related.
They have long participated and been discussed on cohousing-L tho I
did not find anything that compared them to cohousing.

They have an directory entry but it does not show up in the
cohousing directory (probably because they did not check "cohousing").
Curiously the directory does not have a place to list common facilities
like the common house.  Does SRCC have a common house?

Some communities list how often they have common meals. Some do not.

A few cohousing communities in the US are coops , most housing coops are
not cohousing - it's a seperate question.

Harriet, would you care to say a bit about SRCC compares to cohousing?


PS In reading about SRCC I came across late 1990s references
on cohousing-L to a cohousing development effort:
Park Acacia, Santa Rosa, CA (33 homes)
I'm guessing it never got completed but I did not find that stated

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