Re: Bad tenant alert
From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 20:56:27 -0800 (PST)
Hi Fred!

Thanks for posting this.  (And ignore the message that came from my other not 
subscribed email address!!)

I'm curious ... how did this family manage to move from one domicile to another 
in the SAME community?  Did I miss something?

And ... thanks for the "heads up!"

Once upon a time ... here at TVC I got a call from a  police detective saying a 
woman was making threatening remarks about doing damage to Eastern Village (our 
sister community about 1 mile from us) and other cohousing communities.  He was 
calling to warn us to be watchful.  Turns out she was quite crazy and just a 
lot of talk but it was "real" enough that the detective became concerned.
Best --

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On Mar 12, 2011, at 1:02 PM, Fred H Olson wrote:

> I put a more detailed description (without tenant's names)
> that would allow you to sort of recognise the folks involved at:
> I could add other similar descriptions to this page.
> Fred
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