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Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 13:06:39 -0700 (PDT)
Agreed, if someone is going to rent a unit in cohousing then do it correctly 
with appropriate caution.

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Barbara, I understand that these messages bother you.  For me, though, 
living in a community where there are some rented units, these stories are 
a good reminder that homeowners should be careful and engage in some due 
diligence when strangers come around wanting to rent.  If a community has 
had renters who seem to specialize in ripping off cohousing homeowners, 
it's a great service for someone in the community to pass on the relevant 
facts to the rest of us.

Of course most renters are normal good-enough people, as are most 
landlords, as are people in general.  But it's good to have an awareness of 
the few exceptions who can cause so much misery and cost so much money.


At 01:50 PM 3/13/2011, you wrote:

>OK, OK enough with the bad tenant stories. I understand that what you are 
>describing is a tough situation but it is highly unusual. Almost 40 
>percent of Americans are renters, some because they want to be but most 
>because they do not have the equity, or the secure employment or the 
>credit history to do so. There are just as many horror stories of bad 
>landlords shutting off water or heat, harrassing tenants as there are bad 
>tenant stories.  Frankly I am surprised at the tenor of these emails.
>Eastern Village
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>Interestingly, the Village Voice has a story this week about the 10
>worst tenants in NYC. Some of these awful stories might make you feel
>Stories of 10 worst tenants in NYC
>Definitely, the protections for tenants have gone too far. There needs
>to be a middle ground somewhere!
>Silver City EcoCommunity planning group
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