Re: Trim Your Tails
From: Sheila Hoffman (
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 07:53:14 -0700 (PDT)
I'm a relative newbie (been lurking for about 6 months). I want to thank
Lynn for her post on this subject and address Wayne's comments:

W: I prefer that the "tails" in a particular thread of interrelated posts be
retained. This permits one to understand the current post in context without
having to search for the post(s) (which may have been deleted) to which the
current one refers? 
S: May I respectfully submit that if one wants/needs to see the entire
thread on a topic the most effective approach is to go to this link where you can view the
archives in a threaded format.

W: Would y'all kindly explain just what is so disturbing about having
related messages, and certainly the one which prompted the current post,
attached? Context, it seems to me, is important. Kindly correct me on the
merits of the issue.
S: You're correct that context is important which is why it's suggested that
we include the relevant snippet being addressed. When multiple folks include
entire threads with those >>> added they're pretty difficult to read and add
time to the scrolling. In this age of smart phones more and more folks are
reading their email on small hand-held devices making the repeated (excess)
verbiage all the more cumbersome. As they say "time is money" and scrolling
through the entire embedded thread of a topic eats up time and makes me feel
less and less inclined to "bother" reading. This is even more apparent as a
digest reader where it may happen several times in one digest.

I hope that helps clarify the request to PLEASE, "trim your tails"!
Thank you.

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