Re: Trim Your Tails
From: Wayne Tyson (
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:24:23 -0700 (PDT)

Certainly we all should be considerate of those with special needs, so it would be interesting to hear from them--or anyone with special needs of any kind. There must be some middle ground on this issue, but it seems that further discussion might be useful. I, for one, don't understand Sharon's suggestion. An alternative might be to introduce some subject-line discipline concurrent with some kind of proper trimming of tails--for example beginning the subject line with the most generic word that describes the subject matter of the post, followed by, as necessary, increasingly specific terms and avoiding colloquialisms, code words, slang, and acronyms, or at least leave them for the end of the subject line. For example, had I originated this thread, I might have labeled it "Email protocol Listserv Message from moderator Trim Your Tails." Then, once that thread has started, the subject line should be preserved, even if a tangent from it is initiated. This would permit an easy means of retrieving all of the related messages in a group with the email program, by clicking on "Subject" to re-sort one's messages accordingly without jumping around and hunting for the trail of messages. By initiating this or a similar procedure along with the tail-trimming one, perhaps most of the resulting confusion would be connected with the dates of various postings--which might not always follow the post to which it refers.

It is always my policy to conform to the moderator's policies, whether or not I agree with them. Presuming that Sharon is the moderator, I am trimming this tail accordingly.


PS: I always trim the extra "Cohousing-L" address from the "To" line; I wonder why two pop up when I hit the "Reply" button?

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