Re: Trim Your Tails
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 16:18:28 -0700 (PDT)
This thread has covered most of the quoting related topics
but as list manager I'll add a few points:

1) Long standing policy (below) has been:
"Inline_replying with minimal quoting is encouraged"
but I've largely concluded that there is little hope of getting
many people to comply.

2) Digest subscribers are most impacted by excessive quoting --
more than half of cohousing-L's 800 subscribers are in digest mode.

3) The FAQ's cover quoting extensively:

What are Cohousing-L posting guidelines?
o Posts should be about Cohousing ("on topic")

o Observe generally accepted Netiquette. See for example Nettiquette
at Wikipedia

o Avoid Trivial posts.  See this 1995 post COHOUSING-L POSTING GUIDELINES

o Inline_replying with minimal quoting is encouraged; Top-posting (aka
bottom-quoting) is discouraged tho it is the default for Microsoft and
other mailers :( See also "excessive quoting" questions in "Posting
policies" (next point).

o Posts should follow "Posting policies" at FAQ for Justcomm mailing

o Posters are stongly encouraged to include their location and
community name in messages.

Cohousing-L is hosted by Communications for Justice -- so these FAQ's also apply:
Q8:How much should I quote when replying?
Q8.3:Why is excessive quoting a problem?.
Q8.5:How do I delete excessive quotes?
Q8.6:How can digest subscribers skip excessive quotes?
 By using a simple search ( for "Message:" or even "age:" without
 quotes ) to find the beginning of the next message.

Fred, listserv manager,

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