Re: question about wait lists
From: Muriel Kranowski (
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 11:37:51 -0700 (PDT)
I used to maintain a wait-list and notified people on it when we had a house for sale or a rental coming up. I don't think any of these wait-list contacts ever resulted in a rental or a sale.

People get interested in your community at a certain point in their life and if you have nothing open (or nothing that would suit them) right then, they will find another community or take a different path. As someone said, it would indeed be a remarkable confluence of heavenly bodies if they were still longing for YOUR community and in a position to do something when, a year or two or three later, they learn that we have something available.

Therefore our wait-list is in the past tense.

    Muriel at Shadowlake Village, Blacksburg, VA

At 02:04 PM 3/20/2011, Dorothy Riehm wrote:
I am Chair of the Membership Committee at Rocky Hill Cohousing in Florence, Massachusetts. Our committee is questioning the usefulness of our current Wait List, and we are wondering if other extablished cohousing communities have a Wait List for potential members and, if so, how does it operate and is it effective.
...   Dorothy Riehm
    Rocky Hill Cohousing

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