Smart Meters in communities
From: ehrbar (
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 04:59:18 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Valerie, you write

> The biological risk aspect is missing from your analysis.

I appreciate your sensibilities but they are out of
proportion.  We are in a battle.  Our enemies are those
trying to continue the fossil-fuel status quo as long as
possible (because there is so much money in it), despite the
almost-certainty that this will be the end of human
civilization.  One of their tactics is to beat us with our
own weapons.  Those who say that transmission lines cut
through habitats, windmills kill bats, or the smart grid
emits microwave radiation, are not interested in habitats or
bats or the brains of our children, they are interested in
stopping the opposition to their poisoning us and destroying
a livable climate with coal and nuclear.  Let's not be
confused by this.  Despite the negative impact of
transmission lines, windmills, and the smart grid, we do
need them.  The negative impacts of not having them is much
much worse than the negative impacts of having them.

Regarding the smart grid, by the way, it is not set in stone
that the information has to be transmitted wirelessly.  Why
not transmit it on the same wires which transmit
electricity?  It is cheapest to do it wirelessly because the
wireless technology has already been developed for other
purposes, but to me a low bandwidth signal on the wires
themselves seems the way to go.  They never talk about that,
because this would require them to redesign every switch and
transformer etc., and the smart grid is already expensive
enough without this.  They will do this only if we demand


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