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Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 07:53:33 -0800 (PST)
Thanks for responding, Mariana - and some others as well, just to me.  I'll 
look up the book you recommend.  We do use Moosewood Cooks for a Crowd.
We cook for between 25 and 40.  Meals are often vegetarian, though vegetarians 
are in the minority here.  If there is meat, there is a vegetarian option, and 
often a kid-friendly option too.  In a recent discussion, people voiced dislike 
of an overdose of carbs - more at pot lucks, but at prepared meals too, because 
it is so quick/easy (and tasty) to do a pesto pasta for example.  So another 
goal is to develop a repertoire of protein rich dishes for cooked meals.  
Parents also want that for their kids.  
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  My foodie husband just got this, but we still haven't cooked from it. Menus 
in sizes of 25 or 75:
  The pictures are awesome. 

  Old standby with very reliable recipes:

  How big is the group? How many dietary restrictions are you willing to 

  Berkeley, CA

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    A period of lowered enthusiasm for cooking common meals has inspired a 
search for novel eating systems at Cobb Hill in Vermont.  There is energy here 
for putting together a book of favorite meals for a crowd.    I think some 
other communities may have done this already.  Would you be willing to let me 
know what you've done and whether it is shareable?  I'll pass anything and all 
responses on to others.  
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