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Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 23:14:02 -0800 (PST)
We had planned to have personal storage space in the garage of an
existing house on site. However, the people who wanted to buy the
house wanted to buy the garage as well. In the meantime, two of our
buildings ended up sitting higher off the ground than expected, so we
paved the more accessible parts of the crawl spaces for storage and
set up a committee to figure out how to allocate the space. We did
agree to allocate space proportional to unit size, so that the largest
spaces would go to the 4-bedroom units and the smallest ones to the
1-bedroom units. Because ceiling heights vary, we will allocate area
by cubic foot rather than by square foot, so it requires some fancy

The crawl space storage solution was a last minute decision, and
people had started moving in before we had finished planning how to
divide up the space, so it turned out that the first people to move in
got the best locations, and there was no control on how large a space
people were able to use. Our committee started working out the
permanent layout over a year ago, but a major leak in the storage area
put that on hold until we could be sure it was fixed.

Now, six years after we moved in, our committee has resumed working on
the layout. Because of cost, we have decided to delineate the
individual storage areas with crime scene barrier tape, and people can
enclose the areas if they wish as long as they don't fasten anything
to the structure without permission. The committee is also drafting
storage area policies/rules for approval of the community.

You will be well advised to get this figured out well in advance of
moving in!

Meadow Wood

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Our coho group Durham Central Park Coho have our land and  architects
and are  in the process of programming our building. Our site is urban
located in downtown Durham NC and we are having a discussion about
size of personal storage space in our common house and I am wondering
if your community has storage space and if so how many sq ft is
allocated to each unit and is it separate spaces with walls and
locking door or is a large open space subdivided with shelves or
something else?
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