Smoking Policies
From: Sheila Hoffman (
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 05:58:08 -0800 (PST)
Great discussion about Values/Mission/Aims. As a young forming group (less
than 2 years old) we've done a few facilitated workshops including setting
our Vision & Values: We're in the
process of setting up some policies. Since we're still small (about 5 of 10
households) and none of us smoke we're considering making a NO Smoking
Policy. I searched the archives and found mostly very old posts and they all
seemed to allow some smoking. I'm wondering if anyone has a complete No
Smoking Policy. Examples would be appreciated. I've drafted this one,
greatly revised, based on the one I found from Mosaic Gardens posted in Feb

In keeping with our stated value for Healthy Individuals, CHUC intends to be
a non-smoking environment. With this in mind, smoking is not allowed in any
indoor or outdoor common areas, such as the Common House, rooftop gardens,
or atrium under any circumstances. All residents may smoke or permit smoking
inside their private unit and on private balconies, but are expected to
cooperatively respond to neighbors' concerns should they arise.

Thank you for your thoughts.
Sheila in Seattle

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