Re: Smoking Policies
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 06:33:50 -0800 (PST)
On 21 Nov 2011, at 8:58 AM, Sheila Hoffman wrote:

> I searched the archives and found mostly very old posts and they all
> seemed to allow some smoking. I'm wondering if anyone has a complete No
> Smoking Policy. 

We don't have a policy but smoking is not allowed in the CH, including the 
guest rooms. Whatever people do in their units is their business. People would 
move away from anyone smoking outside though some guests do this — usually from 

On the East Coast, smoking is pretty much not allowed in any public space.

> In keeping with our stated value for Healthy Individuals, CHUC intends to be
> a non-smoking environment. With this in mind, smoking is not allowed in any
> indoor or outdoor common areas, such as the Common House, rooftop gardens,
> or atrium under any circumstances. All residents may smoke or permit smoking
> inside their private unit and on private balconies, but are expected to
> cooperatively respond to neighbors' concerns should they arise.

My only comment would be to shorten it — and to write as if you were already in 
existence rather than in the future tense. Otherwise, you will have to revise 
all of these policies once you move in. And it is always a good idea to imagine 
yourself where you want to be.

> In keeping with CHUC's values, smoking is not allowed in common areas, 
> including the Common House, rooftop gardens,
> or atrium. Residents may smoke or permit smoking inside their private units, 
> and unless there are objections from neighbors on private balconies.

Make it clean. I would add guest rooms. Sometimes people view guest rooms as 
not in the CH. We have a separate entrance for the guest rooms so it is more 
common for us but I've heard this from others too.

Would refer to "values" but not "healthy individuals" — this is argumentative — 
some people can smoke and seem perfectly healthy and others don't believe in 
second-hand smoke or will argue about it in particular circumstances. Think of 
evolution and global warming, for example.

> cooperatively respond to neighbors' concerns should they arise.

I would make a general statement about this in the bylaws. Perhaps, "neighbors 
are expected to express and cooperatively respond to each other's concerns when 
they arise."

"When" not "if". They will arise and people need to realize this from the get 
go, both in terms of expressing and responding. I have been regularly surprised 
at the number of people who do not express their concerns. Many things can be 
easily changed — the offender just didn't realize it was a problem. Smokers 
can't smell smoke.

Sharon Villines, Washington DC
Save Our Planet. It's the only one with chocolate.

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