Re: Smoking Policies
From: Moz (
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 15:35:56 -0800 (PST)
> If a condo association adopts bylaws prohibiting smoking in the
> units, and you smoke, then maybe this is not the condo community
> for you.

I put it more generally, that any activity that generates dangerous or
offensive fumes be undertaken with care for other people. If I'm welding I
think it's reasonable that I'm required to mask the flash and filter the
fumes that I generate, and that I don't weld in ways that inconvenience
others without their agreement. But the onus is on me, the welder, to get
consent, not on the anti-welding crowd to find me and persuade me not to
poison them.

> But where is the end to all this?

The end is other laws that affect what fake people can do, just as they
prohibit real people. Condo associations can't require that members break
the law, but I suspect anything else is up for grabs. You can have bylaws
that require people to pay dues, provide labour, attend meetings, have
children (or not), own pets (or not), whatever you want as long as it's

The other limit is what your members will agree to. Whether it's
environmentalists banning the consumption of meat, Christians requiring
that only married couples are permitted to have sex (and only with each
other :), parents demanding that the gate onto the street be kept closed
or motorists demanding that dangerous tools be permitted inside the condo,
the rules you have are whatever you can persuade your residents to accept.

If you are using consensus rather than voting, I expect you're not going
to have any rules that you consider insane. Other than the legally
required ones, of course.


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