Re: ? Wood floors in CommonHouse?
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Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 07:04:43 -0800 (PST)
In answer to questions re bamboo floor, we were told by the builder of the  
common house to never wear outside shoes on the bamboo floor. I checked the 
 Internet and found the reason for that and no high heeled shoes. See 
do I maintain my bamboo flooring.
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Hi  Don,
Just curious -why do you say don't wear outside shoes & high heels  on  
it.  The manufacturers say it is harder than hardwoods -see  the quote  
below from Eco -Friendly Flooring Inc.
Why  bamboo? It makes sense. By using bamboo, we do not diminish  
hardwood  forests that have taken decades to mature, and we help to  
preserve  the habitat of our often endangered wildlife. Bamboo  
produces new  shoots each year and individual stems are harvested from  
controlled  forests every three to five years. If bamboo is not  
harvested after  five years it falls over, unable to continue growing.
How durable is it?  This very hard and very durable material is an  
average of 13% harder  than maple. It is 27% harder than northern red  
oak and expands and  contracts 50% less. Most people with pets find it  
harder and longer  lasting that most other floor coverings.

On 21-Nov-11, at 2:17  PM, DWeil20688 [at] wrote:

> Hi
> The  Solterra common house has a bamboo floor. In many ways it is  
>  superior
> to wood. It is stronger, good looking, and more flexible  (great for
> dancing).  The  main disadvantage is that it is  best not to walk on  
> it with outside
> shoes. We use  inside shoes stocking feet or covers on outride shoes.
> High-heel   shoes must never be used.
> Do Weil
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>  heidinys [at] writes:
> Hi,
> We  are expanding our CommonHouse-- we have grown  from 12  
>  households to 18.
> We are planning for wooden floors in   our CommonHouse... not yet  
> purchased.
>  I just  realized we did not ask you  for input.
> Do you have wooden floors  in CommonHouse?
> if so,   please let us know what you think  of the experience, in other
> words,   Would you do same  flooring again?
> thank You,
> Ruth J.   Hirsch
> Cantines  island
> Saugerties
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