Shoes in the common house (WAS Wood floors in CommonHouse?)
From: Elizabeth Magill (
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 09:52:16 -0800 (PST)
What matters to me is that people understand that statements like "its just 
practical" are not actually universal statements. Perhaps "we find it to be 
practical in our community?"

I've visited lots of coho communities and I've either worn the shoe coverings, 
or I've taken off my shoes as required. I've never complained. But I HAVE noted 
to myself: "oh my goodness, I can't live in cohousing if this is a universal 

And I go to friends houses where I discover I have to take off my shoes, and, 
if i know them well, I discuss my foot issues, and if I don't know them well, I 
take off my shoes and pop a few ibuprofen. I certainly would never complain to 
my hosts. But it means I may be in pain when i walk the next day.

"No one complains" is not a way to measure whether you are being hospitable, 
because people with good social skills mostly are not going to complain--your 
house, your rules!

At places that say "we generally take off our shoes, you should do what is 
right for you" I make a very large effort to clean the sole of my 
shoes--because they showed respect for my need for shoes, I show respect for 
all the people with no shoes who are going to get the dirt from my shoes onto 
their feet.

Elizabeth Magill

Where many of us wear shoes in the common house: and we need to sweep a great 
deal all winter long. 

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> Hi
> It isn't necessary  to change shoes, just
> practical. Most members who have wood floors ask that  shoes be removed
> before
> coming in.
> Don Weil
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