Re: ? Wood floors in CommonHouse?
From: Richard L. Kohlhaas (
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 12:22:52 -0800 (PST)
At Casa Verde, we debated on whether or not to allow shoes in the common house, 
ultimately decided to allow them.  

In my opinion, there is not much difference in cleanliness either way, but then 
suffer from the Male Dirt Perception Deficiency syndrome.  (This was first 
by humorist Dave Barry who said that the typical human male cannot see dirt 
there is enough of it to support agriculture, whereas the typical female can 
spot a 
single dirt molecule at 20 feet.)

> Diana Carroll <dianaecarroll [at]> wrote:

> I'm with Ann.  The "don't walk on the floor with shoes" rule seems akin to
> the folks who cover their nice soft couches with gross plastic wrap.  It's
> true, it makes the couch last longer, but why even bother having a nice
> couch if you do that?
> At Mosaic Commons we have oak floors in our "main" CH room, finished with
> Osmo oil.  We discussed a no-shoes policy, and while some were in favor,
> there were more who either would choose not to go in very often if that
> were a rule (like me) or who actually physically require shoes to be able
> to walk comfortably and healthily (like my son who has been told by his
> podiatrist to *always* wear his orthotic inserts.)
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