2012 Cohousing Conference: Call for Proposals
From: Eris Weaver (eriserisweaver.info)
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2011 15:28:51 -0800 (PST)
Has your community found a great solution to a common cohousing challenge?
Do you have expertise in a particular area of cohousing development or
community living? Is there a burning question or issue that you'd like to
discuss in a forum with other cohousers? Submit your idea to the 2012
National Cohousing Conference program committee!

The 2012 National Cohousing Conference will be held June 13-17th in Oakland,
CA. The theme is: Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods: learning from the
cohousing experience. We'll be giving a little extra attention to the social
and economic aspects of the sustai! nability triad. Attendees will include
cohousing residents, members of fledglingcommunities, professionals, and
folks completely new to the idea.  Presentations, workshops, and roundtable
discussions will range in length from one hour to two days. 

Some areas we are particularly seeking submittals and suggestions:
1) from members of established communities both on general topics of
interest to you and also topics that you wish to discuss more in-depth with
other folks in established communities.
2) the Round-Table discussions were very popular last year. We are looking
for new burning questions and folks interested in facilitating those
3) We are adding a series of 60 minute sessions after lunch on Saturday
oriented to participatory activity and movement.  These could be short
examples of different meeting formats, icebreakers, singing, etc. to get us
through the post-lunch energy lull. 

To submit a proposal, fill out the online form at
http://conference.cohousing.org/2012/proposals  by January first. (We don't
need the full presentation at this point, just a short description.) The
program committee will review proposals and finalize the schedule in

Pass it on!

Eris Weaver
2012 Conference Program Planning Team

Eris Weaver, Facilitator & Group Process Consultant
Author, "Let's Talk About Money: A Conversation Guide for Intentional
eris [at] erisweaver.info

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