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As a founding member of the San Francisco Cohousing group, I'm reaching
out to invite you to an important event for anyone who has dreamed of
owning a home in San Francisco, living in a real community, and connecting
more with others and the earth. Cohousing is a way for people to come
together, plan and build an affordable, inclusive community, and live
better by sharing more.

We are hosting a presentation on Cohousing, with particular regard to San
Francisco, with the founders of the Cohousing movement - Charles Durrett
and Kathryn McCamant. Attending this event is a great way to learn about
cohousing, to meet others who are interested, and to get involved and
become a future resident.

Charles and Kathryn are credited with bringing cohousing, a European idea,
to the US. They are the authors of "Creating Cohousing: Building
Sustainable Communities", and have worked with over 50 cohousing
communities to date. Come and join others who would like to learn more
about how we can make it happen here in San Francisco.

Location: San Francisco Public Library - Main Branch, at 100 Larkin Street
              Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room, Lower Level
Date: 6PM on Tuesday December 20th.

What would it be like to own your home in a thriving community, close to
work and school?

Cohousing is housing created with the design input of the residents,
according to common goals such as sustainability, community, and
simply living well by sharing more. It includes individual homes
supplemented by shared facilities and common areas. Management is
consensus-driven and done by the residents. There are over two dozen
cohousing communities in the Bay Area to date, and it's about time to
build the first community here in San Francisco! Together we can make
it happen. We hope for residents of all ages and backgrounds, singles,
couples, and families. A diversity of uses, including residential,
work/live spaces, and retail storefronts, will enable residents to run
businesses within the community. Shared gardens, open space, and a
common house provide opportunities to know your neighbors, get
involved, and live the good life, right here in the best city in the

For more information, visit
call Lauren at (415) 971-3089
or email laurenmendoza [at] gmail.com

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