Re: Paying coho members for professional services
From: melanie griffin (
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 06:25:02 -0800 (PST)
As an attorney who knows pretty much nothing about land use law, I
haven't felt the need to weigh in on the decisions with my developing
community on legal matters. But if I had an expertise, i might feel
different, and I'm wondering how those with that issue (and their
communities) deal. Do professionals and craftspeople living in
community (architects, plumbers, realtors, lawyers, etc) with relevant
skills think their contributions are overvalued or undervalued, or is
it ok to just express an opinion and not have it taken as "the word"
on a subject or dismissed if it doesn't match the paid professional's?
 Do you step back from those decisions, or lend your expertise? I have
enough trouble avoiding giving legal advice in social situations.

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> In response to question about paying professioals, e.g., attorneys,
> accountants, who are members of your cohousing community. LaQuerencia /
> Fresno Cohousing doesn't employ its members for professional expertise.  I
> am an attorney. Sometimes the group or the officers might seek my "take" on
> something, including a legal issue affecting our community (organized under
> CA law as a condominium). I may give my off the cuff opinion but then
> advise expert advice might be needed by an attorney who is not a community
> member and who practices in that area of law..Agree with Sharon V about
> problems in hiring - and firing - such advisors, if he/she is a member of
> the community.
> Susan C, LaQuerencia
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