Sociocracy workshop Jan 28-29: John Buck, Diana Leafe Christian & Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
From: Christina Smillie (
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 18:17:54 -0800 (PST)
Following up on my introduction, Green Haven <> is now sponsoring a big weekend workshop in just a few weeks, Jan 28-29, with John Buck <>, Jerry Koch-Garcia <>, who's a member of Pioneer Valley Cohousing in MA, and his been helping some NVC chapters transition to Sociocracy, and Diana Leafe Christian <>, who now sees Sociocracy as the solution to a lot of the governance issues that have plagued cohousing and other intentional communities for a long time.

Diana calls sociocracy "a self-governance & decision-making method to raise morale and help your community thrive" I am really excited to have all three of them coming to New Haven!

The workshop is limited to 40 people, and besides ourselves, we now also have about a dozen folks signed up from other New England cohousing communities. We still have about ten slots left. Contact me if you're interested, or check out our website <> and FAQs <> for more info. If you are text only, our website links to all the info referenced here: And feel free to forward the link to our workshop to anyone you think might be interested!
Thanks, Tina Smillie
Green Haven Cohousing
New Haven, CT

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