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The city of Boulder has been working on similar language.  There is a
Comprehensive Plan you can download, or you could call the planning
department (Charles Ferro) and they can help you.  They will probably also
have precedents.  

We drafted concepts for several Utah cities that would encourage pocket
neighborhoods, solar access, and a few green building concepts.  It was very
loose, and I'm sure you've already come that far.  We also made some
presentations and wrote up some recommendations for several NM Tribes, but
it's the sort of thing I have to destroy once the work is done (by

The Smart Code and Light Imprint Handbook has something as well, I believe.

I'd be happy to collaborate as well - we could use a template.  


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I have been contacted by someone in WA state that is serving on a steering
committee to develop a "Comprehensive Plan for the county that will guide
land use and other elements for the next 20 years.  I want to propose
language for the plan that will allow for and even encourage intentional
communities.  I know from my research that dealing with governmental
agencies is one of the biggest obstacles for developing intentional
communities and having a methodology in place will help both the county and
the groups seeking to create these communities in the future.

If you could point to any good examples of how other counties have dealt
with this in their comprehensive plans or have any other information that
would be helpful in developing language that would help in this regard it
would be much appreciated."

Does anyone have any good examples to share- while he says county, I think
at city level would also work?  It would be helpful to include the
jurisdiction, state, and any key contacts you know about in your examples.
Please share by Tuesday so I can compile my responses for him.


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