Tonight in SF: French Filmmakers talk Cohousing & Ecovillages
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 05:21:38 -0800 (PST)
San Francisco Cohousing and East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) present:

Cohousing and Cohousing Seekers: Join us this Thursday evening (1/19)
for an impromptu reception at the HUB coworking space for Social
Entrepreneurs at the San Francisco Chronicle Building downtown at 5th
and Mission. Meet a couple of French filmmakers in town fresh from
visiting several communities and ecovillages. Hear about their travels
and talk about our own community experiences and visions. They may
record some on-camera interviews. We hosted them at Berkeley Cohousing
last Sunday and had lots of fun sharing and eating together.

( This is also a first opportunity for you to pick up fliers to help
get the word out for the Getting-It-Built workshop with Kathryn
McCamant and Charles Durrett that SF cohousing is hosting March 10-11
and get your registration check in -- beat the rush and save your
seat! East Bay Cohousing is partnering with SF cohousing to incubate
the new group, act as fiscal agent and collect checks and online
payments, which will be refunded if we don't get enough sign-ups by
the end of February. But so far, demand is strong, with about a third
of the spots in the class committed before outreach begins. And we'll
also have hot-off-the-press fliers for the National Cohousing
Conference coming to downtown Oakland in June. )

Anyways, back to the filmmakers. They wrote:

We are two French movie-makers making a documentary movie on the
Western lifestyle, its impacts on the Planet and people and
alternative ways to be environmentally and ethically respectful. We
are an independent crew and the film is mainly destined to French
cinemas and high-schools. (although it should be available in the U.S.
as well)

A big part on our movie is about other ways to live and more
specifically in an urban environment. So it would be great if your
co-housing community is part of our movie. We would like to know if it
is possible to organize an interview with different people, sharing
the experience of co-housing in the Bay. We would like to discuss with
you about the motivations to start to think about living together, how
does it work in the everyday life, what are the different trade-offs.
Also how do you set-up this kind of initiative, how it could be
extended, ...

We really hope you will be interested and free for an interview.

Feel free to ask any other information,

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Maite Mosca and Florence Schmidt

RSVP and sign up for earlier notices of area opportunities like this,
get more details and see graphics:
* via either East Bay Cohousing (now with over 1500 members!):
* or San Francisco Cohousing:
depending on your area of interest

P.S. from Raines, your Cohousing Coach: We'll meet for about an hour,
then we'll probably migrate to the emerging Mid-Market "microhood"
gathering a block away and meet the pioneers in the area, new home to
Twitter and Burning Man, among other exciting organizations.... and
perhaps a future cohousing site? Come and explore with us.

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