28 days 'til National Cohousing Conference: extended earlybird pricing, airfare sales, and more from Cohousing California
From: Raines Cohen (rc3-coho-Lraines.com)
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 16:14:10 -0700 (PDT)
Greetings, cohousers, cohousing seekers, and community co-creators.

Have you given up on going to the National Cohousing Conference here
in sunny (with mild ocean breezes) Oakland (CA) next month? Thought
you missed your chance for deals you can afford? Californians, have
you been assuming that since the last conference in our Golden State
was over a decade ago, that you'd have to wait another decade to get
to one of these?

As someone who's been to every conference since 1999 (I co-chaired the
last one here in 2001 with Joani and Katie), it makes me sad to hear
of anyone who is running into challenges that make it hard to be a
part of this powerful networking and educational and motivational

I'm happy to announce two things that may help get you here:

1. There's a fare war on this week (some deals today only) that seems
to feature in-many-cases-nonstop flights from all over the country
that will get you here during the conference.

I just helped one of my mentors, the esteemed Mid-Atlantic Cohousing
organizer, Ann Zabaldo, find a nonstop flight from the DC area for
under $180 each way.

In looking around, I found that even premium airlines like Virgin
America and United are offering some reasonable prices, and "Bill Me
Later" 0% financing and other ways to spread out payments.

2. Cohousing California, our regional network of communities and
cohousing seekers, as part of our Platinum sponsorship, bought a bunch
of tickets early to help jumpstart the conference, and we can pass on
the earlybird discount rate to Cohousing-L readers and members of your
groups, while our supplies last - save at least $30 on a
full-conference registration, and up to $100 if you join with us in a
supporting membership (now available no matter where you live) and get
involved in a serious commitment to community.

Plus, for locals and those who can't make the whole weekend, we're
splitting up tickets (since the conference organizers said it was OK)
and providing single-day and evening deals. Join the California
Delegation and dive in to our pool of connected community creators.

I've summarized the deals and tips we've found here on the Cohousing
California website:

If you find other specials out there, please do let us know or reply
on this thread.

Some folks have told me that I should pursue a second career as a
travel agent. While I don't have any plans in that regard, I'm
delighted to talk with anyone considering coming to the conference to
help you map a path around whatever obstacles seem to be keeping you
from getting here, be they financial, logistical, emotional, or
otherwise. I truly enjoy helping people connect to and share the story
of their journey to community... and I would love to be of assistance
in helping you change your story into one with a happier ending - your
arriving at the conference next month, with the support you need from
your extended community.

We are really looking forward to your joining us in this incredible
event in this incredible place for cohousing.

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach & East Bay Cohousing/Cohousing
California Community Organizer
at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing

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