ecovillage naming contest
From: Christian Stalberg (
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 17:25:13 -0700 (PDT)
   Dear Intentional Community Supporter,
   Back in 2010 the best name we could come up with the name for our
   [1]ecovillage at the time was 'Carolina Common Well'. While this works
   well for our LLC and various legal instruments, this is a mouthful. As
   Emperor Joseph II commented to Mozart when hearing one of his pieces
   "...there are simply too many notes...". In this case, too many
   So to resolve this problem, we are having an ecovillage naming contest.
   You don't have to be affiliated with the ecovillage in order to enter
   this contest, everyone is eligible. The person who submits the winning
   name will win a pottery piece from renown local potter Dorothy
   Davis. The winning name will be voted upon by the current members of
   the community and the winning entry will be announced on July 4th.
   When selecting your name for submission, please be sure you are
   familiar with our ecovillage [2]Mission and [3]Agreements. Also, please
   visit the [4]Communities Directory to ensure that the name is not
   already being used by another existing or forming community.
   Please send your name for the ecovillage to
   [5]contest [at]
   Entries must be received by midnight June 30th.
   Thank you and keep those names coming!
   In Community,
   - Christian

   4. file://localhost/home/cstalberg/.tmp/http//
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