Fw: Manata appeal: please forward where appropriate
From: Gerald Manata (gmanata2003yahoo.com)
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 10:53:56 -0700 (PDT)
I live at Oak Creek Commons cohousing in Paso Robles California and I am 
running for a State Assembly seat here. I am forwarding this letter from my 
campaign manager. If you think it may be useful, advantageous,  or even just 
amusing to have "one of us" in office at a state level, feel free to donate. It 
will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Subject: Manata appeal: please forward where appropriate 

Donate to help lead the way to a renewed California 
Gerry Manata’s campaign for the 35th District Assembly seat is operating very 
frugally.  The emphasis before the June 5 primary has focused on building a web 
site – http://www.manataforassembly.org/ – moving the candidate around the 
district, and answering questionnaires from union and education groups.  
Recently he was endorsed by the San Luis Obispo-based Santa Lucia Chapter of 
the Sierra Club.  The total expenditure on such activities, over and above the 
filing fee, has been less than $200.
His move onto the November general election to oppose the Republican incumbent 
is assured.  He is one of two candidates and the only Democrat on the June 
ballot.  Under the rules of this year’s “open primary” that means he will 
qualify for November just as if he were nominated in the primary.
But even a frugal campaign needs some money to pay for gas to get the candidate 
to meetings and for necessary office supplies.  We’d like to distribute color 
flyers at farmers’ markets around the district.   The people who attend those 
markets, when they are aware of what’s at stake to keep them flourishing, are 
Manata’s natural base.
If you care for the environment and like farmers’ markets, please do what you 
can to keep us going with a contribution of $24 to $99.  Please fill out the 
form below and mail it back to us, care of the Paso Robles Democratic Club P.O. 
Box 1074, Paso Robles, CA 93447.  We thank you in advance.
Make a check out to Manata for Assembly and mail it to:
Manata for Assembly
P.O. Box 1074
Paso Robles CA 93447
If your donation is $100 or more please include your occupation.  We need the 
street address for all donations over $25, but it is not reported unless we are 
audited.   See the explanation below.
Street Address _________________________________
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