Re: Scarcity of meal cleaners discussion
From: Martha Wagner (
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 22:55:58 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks for your reply to my post, David. To explain a bit more about our mea 
program, ourl head cooks usually sign up to cook several weeks in advance; when 
I said that  our cook and cleaning teams are not established I meant that they 
are not a set group of people who always cook or clean together. Cleaners are 
asked to sign up in advance of the meal but it does not always happen, or only 
one person shows up when more are needed. People are requested to do a meal 
task every month, but not required to do so, primarily because we have other 
work areas requiring many hours of members' time, especially tasks related to 
our landscaping and food growing. More ideas on how communities handle meal 
cleaning would be  welcome!

Martha Wagner
Columbia Ecovillage
Portland, OR

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