Re: Inclusionary Zoning and Assessments
From: Elizabeth Magill (
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 08:20:32 -0700 (PDT)
> A forming and failed group in Florida also found that people could only be 
> qualified AFTER the homes were built and offered on the open market. Thus a 
> household could participate in the group for 2+ years and then not qualify. 
> Plus, the requirement that the homes be offered on the open market made the 
> group queasy since they couldn't necessarily educate potential buyers.

We certainly had some of that quesy-ness but it turned out to be completely 
unfounded. Ever person interested in our affordable homes has been looking for 
a way to live in cohousing....

We are not on public transportation, I don't know if that would be different. 
But we are only attracting people who want cohousing.

Some of that is small home size.

Elizabeth Magill

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