Help with meals problem
From: Laurie Friedman (
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 22:20:39 -0700 (PDT)
Help!   My cohousing community has 26 households, and about 50 adults.   We 
have a policy expecting everyone to cook once per month, in groups of two or 
more, and we have done pretty well for many years.   In the last couple of 
years, thought, I have noticed a decline in the number of people cooking, and 
currently we have very few meals.   We have a Meals Committee that has done 
surveys, tried out different things (potlucks, etc.), but the number of meals 
continues to decline.   Our participation in general is not as strong as it 
could be.   Has anyone dealt with a meals issue as above, and what have they 
done about it?

I have a radical idea, which is to add $50 per month per adult to the monthly 
dues, and people would get money back at the end of the year based on any 
activity they have done that contributes to our community.   People would have 
to keep rough track of what they do, and time spent.   I think it might 
encourage participation, and reward those who are working.   Also, might result 
in leftover funds, which we could use to reduce our monthly dues.   Any 
thoughts?   Sincerely,  Laurie Friedman

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