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2.  Should associate member dues be required or optional?

Required! We had a rule that new people could attend 3 meetings as guests, and 
then had to join or move on. 99% of people who say they "want to participate" 
but don't want to pay the monthly dues or membership fee are not serious at 
this point.  They will be happy to add complications to your meetings however, 
if you continue to accomodate them. If they are serious about community, they 
can get on the mailing list until they are ready to commit.

3.  What defines a dormant member and should they continue to pay a
membership fee?

We did not allow dormant members- you either were a current member or you 

4.  What defines a defunct or former member and what should happen to any
funds they've paid in?

We made associate dues non-refundable: we spent most of the dues on workshops, 
copying, room rental, etc... .  On the advice of Katie McCamant, we put in a 
clause that membership deposits were refundable after build out, or if the 
project was canceled and not before. You don't want to be paying out money 
right as you need to raise 50K for the next big  expense.  

5.  What incentive models have been used to encourage first movers -- i.e.,
credit multiple at closing (e.g., $2,000 purchase credit for the first 20
members who give $1,000).

We  planned to have a discount on home prices, but had to give this up in order 
to get sold.  People got to pick their units in the order they joined.  

Randa Johnson
New Brighton Cohousing
Aptos, CA

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