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Yes we did receive FHA certification approval 20 months ago.  It is a
two year certification.  Our development is legally a condominium and
that was sufficient, regardless of the name we have given it.  The
name on the FHA document is Trillium Hollow.  The name on the condo
declaration is Trillium Hollow Cohousing Neighborhood; a condominium.
The FHA document indicates they used the HRAP/DELRAP approval method.

And as I attempted to point out in my prior post on this question, our
intention relative to lenders, government agencies, etc. was NOT to
market, sell or otherwise make a point of our intention regarding or
value of Cohousing.  In these settings this distinction is not
relevant and raises issues that their formal structure is not prepared
to handle, bringing more heart ache than value to the process.

I am attaching copies of two HUD letters we obtained in that
certification process that might be useful reference material to your
process - Mortgagee Letters 2009 - 46 A and B

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