Re: resources on individualistic people becoming communityoriented?
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Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 19:32:56 -0700 (PDT)
Honorable fellow humans:

Maturity and intellectual integrity are not governed by age--I have known mature 12-year-olds and infantile or adolescent-like people who were decades older. Age does tend to be associated with a certain sclerosis of mind, however, and I would rather live in a community of children than with so-called senior citizens who are self-centered, opinionated, and inflexible. The day I stop learning will be the day I become stupid.

It goes by several names, such as "character" and "grace."

If there is some formal method that can transform spoiled brats of any age into mature individuals, I'm all for it. Unfortunately, I haven't encountered one yet. But I will look into "NVC." Thanks for the heads-up.


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what I'd wish for a community is empathic capacity so that without blame we
can explore the impacts of our behavior on each other.
i have found nonviolent communication (NVC) is a useful tool and
consciousness. restorative circles is an nvc application useful for dealing
with conflicts. we could use more of both of these in our community but
what we do have has been useful in my opinion.
pioneer valley cohousing MA

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