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o Growing up at Nubi

o Learning Something New Every Day

o Local Schools and Networks

o Heard on the Nubi Path This Week

o Back-to-school season

o Excerpt from Last Child in the Woods

o Meet the Residents

I saved the newsletter with tracking URLs as a web page at:

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G'day (!) Gilo,

My daughters have written a couple of posts on living in cohousing and we
had a recent newsletter that covered children and learning in our community.
I've pasted a copy of the newsletter and provided links to the blog posts

I hope this is helpful.

Richard Pendleton
Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm
An old fashioned neighborhood in a new way.

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Subject: [C-L]_ Parenthood and childhood in cohousing

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I am writing an article about the experiance of parenthood and childhood in
Cohousing community for the Australian natural parenting magazine.

If any one is willing to share her/his exparuamce in being a parent in
community or from a child perspective as well, and whether it made a
difference or changes in the way you parent , in your sense of secure...
That would be greatly appreciated .

Kind Regards
Gilo Holtzman


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