Re: Common Laundry Question
From: Lautner, Patricia (
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 16:25:03 -0800 (PST)
Often hook ups are required in each unit because it would be difficult to get 
bank financing without them. 

Besides the fact that simply owning less machines per community decreases 
carbon footprint,  there is a huge savings per household when resources are 
pooled to buy top of the line, energy efficient, commercial grade machines to 

Jamaica Plain Cohousing

On Nov 15, 2012, at 7:12 PM, "Richard L. Kohlhaas" <rlkohl [at]> 

> At Casa Verde, we were advised by our developer (Wonderland Hill) to have 
> washer/dryer hook-ups in every unit, as well as the common house, so we did.
> There is one washer and dryer in the common house, although there are 
> hook-ups for 
> another pair.  Only 4 or 5 households use them now, so one set is adequate.
> I have often wondered about the cohousing dogma about common laundry 
> facilities.  
> Certainly they are needed for at least some households with very small units 
> , but 
> many think that everyone really should use them.  There is certainly no 
> energy 
> savings; the same amount of fuel and water will be used whether common or 
> individual.  There is probably little or no savings in capital costs:  with 
> more use 
> per machine, repairs and eventual replacement costs will be higher for a 
> common 
> machine (and they cost more to begin with).
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> Dick Kohlhaas <rlkohl [at]>

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