Common Laundry Question
From: Susan Hyne (
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 20:36:58 -0800 (PST)
At CoHo Ecovillage (in rainy Corvallis, Oregon), we have 3 washers and 2
dryers shared among 26 of our 34 households (the rest have washers/dryers
in their units).

Folks who use Common House washers and then line dry (either outside or
inside the Common House or their own units) check off the number of loads
on a list.  Each line-dried load "earns" $.40 (the amount saved in electric
costs) which goes into a sustainability fund.  So far, the funds have been
used to purchase more line-drying racks which residents can borrow from the
common house.  We also have 4 standard sets of outdoor lines (2 outside the
laundry room).

Our units have heat recovery ventilators which help deal with added
moisture inside our buildings.

One added benefit of sharing laundry facilities in the common house is more
interaction among residents.  Our laundry room is also our rec room, our
exercise room, our game/puzzle storage room, our CoHo business bulletin
board room, and our free-to-good-home box room.  All of these uses bring
folks together.

Susan Hyne

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