Re: Common laundry question
From: Jerry McIntire (
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 20:51:05 -0800 (PST)
This is fun! I'm certainly gaining some new ideas and perspectives.

Karen, I like the portable racks idea. In fact, that's what our family uses
in winter. We have one set up in our laundry room. It will hold nearly an
entire load, so we do one load a day for three days, then we're good until
next week. It takes almost 24 hours to air dry cotton clothing in our house
at 67° in winter. Here is the wood rack we use, heavy duty, made by Amish
families here in the U.S.--

Thanks Patti for helping to answer the "Why common laundry?" question:
"Besides the fact that simply owning less machines per community decreases
carbon footprint,  there is a huge savings per household when resources are
pooled to buy top of the line, energy efficient, commercial grade machines
to share."  Patti--Jamaica Plain Cohousing

Our members are very interested in sharing resources to reduce the amount
of things that are built/consumed. Machines that are used more may last
slightly less long, but if we're able to afford well-built, more durable
commercial machines, there is clearly a savings for us and the environment.
Our last home front loader lasted only seven years. A pump went out, and it
was nearly the same price to buy a new machine as it would have been to
repair the old.

Diana, it is cold for many months in Wisconsin. For nearly five months we
dry our clothes inside. But winter or summer, we almost never use our
dryer. We can't see buying several to sit unused, when one or two will do
the job. Not to mention, air drying inside in the winter adds needed

Sharon, I guess it would be wise not to put the laundry next to the guest

Jerry McIntire
Stone's Throw Ecovillage
Viroqua, Wisconsin

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